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The Cantor Crane Personal Injury Lawyer $1,000 Student Scholarship Fund – Student Pledge


At the Law Firm of Cantor Crane Personal Injury Lawyers, we believe in achieving a higher education just as much as we take pride in representing people who have been injured in an accident. We understand and appreciate the importance that a solid education can factor in the future of successful college students. We also understand the potential difficulties of obtaining a college degree because of increasing costs of tuition, text books, and the everyday necessities of life.

In order to help make a college education more affordable opportunity and to help spread awareness about Driving Under the Influence and Distracted Driving, the Arizona law firm of Cantor Crane is offering a $1,000 student scholarship to help current, or soon-to-be, students ease the burden of higher education costs.

Participants will receive a $15 Credit for UBER® after taking the pledge. 

Cantor Crane College Scholarship Qualifications:

To apply, please complete the required form below and click the ‘Submit’ button. Each applicant may only submit one entry and Cantor Crane reserves the right to disqualify duplicate entries. Cantor Crane employees and their immediate family members are excluded from consideration.

The application deadline for the Fall 2016 Scholarship is July 31, 2016 and the scholarship will be awarded on or before August 21, 2016, based on Cantor Crane’s random selection of the winner.



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